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Relfections on the automotive industry, exponential technologies and their challenges

Source: Jorge Carrillo. In Industry 4.0 in Mexico. Diagnostic elements and implementation in sectors and companies. UNAM/Plaza y Valdéz, México. 2020.

Will engineers be able to transition to Industry 4.0? Industrial analysis in Baja California.

Source: Jorge Carrillo, Redi Gomis, Saúl de los Santos, Lilia Covarrubias y Max Matus. Entreciencias, Año 8, Vol. 22, enero-diciembre, 2020.

Economic impact of the reduction of the VAT rate in the northern border region of Mexico based on the use of implicit prices in the input-output model.

Source: Noé Fuentes, Alejandro Burgués y Jorge Carrillo

The quality of employment in multinational companies

Source: Jorge Carrillo, Graciela Bensusán, Noé Flores y Redi Gomis, 2020, Colef.